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Pokemon Ash Gray Download

Pokemon ash gray download - Liked everything about the game. Just one thing I would like to have feature of login in into one of the accounts or something to keep data backed up on cloud.

Update broke the pokemon ash gray game first time would get paused when there were any network issues now it doesn't pause losing many games with time up loss due to it.

Information-Patched GBA Rom(.gba/.zip)
Updated: February 21 2016

Pokemon Ash Gray Version is an incredible remake version of Pokemon FireRed which is completed by metapod23. The graphics are same as before but now you will play a very new game because the author changed the storyline and replace with another one. Pokemon Ash Gray is now inspired by Pokemon Anime Series on TV. You will be impressed because now the storyline basically owns all events of the anime – Ash Ketchum’s adventure is your adventure. Before there are some hacks which were also modified like this hack but they were not completed fully or not good enough to play.

Now Pokemon Ash Gray is hacked up to episode 50 now and it is still in the process of completing fully based on new episodes. New versions are coming soon with bugs fixed and special updates. I think it is the best Pokemon hack game you should enjoy.

Storyline – Gameplay
You are the main character of the game and your name is Ash Ketchum. You are going to have an amazing adventure around your Pokemon World tomorrow. You have to pass 116 events and 2 movie events to complete this trip. On the way, you will meet a lot of Pokemon, rivals and trainers that will help you so much. You also need to catch Pokemon which Ash catches and make the decisions he makes like in the episodes.

Unfortunately, you stayed up all night to watch Pokemon Arena matches on TV and you are so tired and woke up late. It is your mistake and not as planned. You are hurry to Pallet Town gate but all your rivals owned their own Pokemon starters and there is no remaining Pokemon. If you don’t have a Pokemon, you have to go home and you decide to choose Pikachu as your friend. Your trip is started from now…
Special Features

    You are Ash and will play as him
    Colorful Sprites & Tiles are added
    New TMs and HMs list in the game
    Maps are redrawn
    Stronger Rivals and Leaders
    The events will happen as same as what you see in the Anime Series

Used Tools
These tools are used to design, code and make Pokemon Ash Gray

    Advance Map
    Attack Type Editor
    Hex Workshop
    Item Editor

ROM Information

    Orginal Version: Pokemon FireRed – Nintendo
    Platform: GBA
    The Creator: metapod23
    Published Year: 2010
    Available Language: English
    Progress: 90%
    The Lastest Version: Beta 4.2

Pokemon Ash Gray Download


Pokemon ash gray rom download 2016


When people ask me what it is pokemon ash gray, i tell the, "its a pokemon board game similar to chess with tic tac toe and sorry elements. Unique board game, pokemon!" Would be nice if i didn't need to play via servers when playing someone right infront of me. But great game. Download pokemon ash gray rom for gba. They are great about giving free high tier cards regularly.

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